Board of Directors


      Saeid Esmaeilzadeh Chairman

Saeid is a serial entrepreneur having established and managed a range of research-intensive companies in various industries. Saeid is a professor in material chemistry at Stockholm University where he in 2002 became the youngest associate professor in Sweden. He has received many distinctions and awards for his research as well as for his achievements as an entrepreneur. Saeid is an experienced board member and since 2010 the CEO of Serendipity Innovations, an investment firm specialized in venture management.



          Ashkan Pouya Board member

Ashkan Pouya is an experienced serial entrepreneur. He has been involved in the establishment of several research-intensive companies, both in executive and non-executive positions. He is a board member of a range of companies and serves as the chairman of Serendipity Innovations. He was the director of innovation at Lund University 2010-2011. Ashkan has a business degree from Uppsala University, from Queens University and from the WHU-Otto Besheim School of Management i Tyskland.



      Bengt-Arne Vedin Board member

Bengt-Arne Vedin has an extensive background in innovation. In addition to his 40 years of combining research with innovation practice (e. g., serving on the boards of some fifteen innovation start-ups; a handful of patents to his name) he held a professorship in innovation at KTH (1984-1993) another one at the Mälardalen University 2001-08, was the innovation commissioner for the Swedish government (1993), and provided consulting services for, among others, the National Academy of Engineering in Washington D.C. as well as for the OECD. He served as secretary general of the Ruben Rausing fund for research on innovation and entrepreneurship from its inception in 1984 until its discontinuation in 2005, he is a board member of the AFSR, the Franco-Swedish Society for Research, and a fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) since 1988. Bengt-Arne has written 71 books within the field of innovation.