Public Funding

Many of our clients’ innovation processes are based on heavy R&D activities, iterative prototyping and co-development with external partners. All in all, these long term and complex activities make for unique demands on building a suitable and risk adjusted funding structure. Public funding, as a complement to venture capital and customer funding, constitutes a natural ingredient.

Access to finance

A large variety of public funding programs are on offer, both national and European. Although each funding program has its own unique focus and objective, collectively they cover almost every industrial sector and research field as well as all aspects of innovation, from fundamental research and technology development to prototyping and design, and close-to-market activities.

High demands for access

Taken together, the multitude of complementing programs provides good co-funding opportunities without requiring neither repayment, nor do they claim equity in return. Nonetheless, they do place high demands on the applicant, the project and the participants involved. In order to obtain funding these demands, often specific for each program, must be met.